Helping virtual bookkeepers do brilliant work!

Are you ready to launch or grow a virtual bookkeeping business with a growing niche of online entrepreneurs willing to pay for bookkeeping?

 Well… if you said YES!… we say it’s time to pull up a chair so we can talk!  🙂

Let’s gather together now for a good ol’ Southern hello — with a big smile and hugs!  We are Marilyn Parham, CPA and Jessica Mae Stafford of The Bottom Line CPA. Marilyn is on the left in her pretty teal and that’s me on the right in white.  We’re quite the pair no doubt!

About four years ago, back in March 2013, I joined Marilyn full-time at The Bottom Line to help out a little “here and there” in her long-standing, local sole proprietor practice that she began back in 1993.

I had put myself on a one-way track to launch a lucrative online business in a few short weeks (yes, I said a “few“) while Marilyn insisted we’d do “accounting” while we made the climb.  I made daily claims that accounting was only temporary until our online thing took off.

Outside of loving our life and work at TheBottomLineCPA.com these days, we’ve been friends and colleagues since 2003.  Folks, opposites really do attract.  We’re living proof!

To renew or not to renew Peachtree?  The question that changed everything.

After using jump drives and thumb drives to collaborate, my “we can make this better” mind kicked in when it was time to renew our accounting software.  You see, as an Operations person who has vision and faith to believe in what I cannot yet see, I am always motivated by how to make things better.  Marilyn is incredibly gifted at seeing what’s right in front of you and meeting you right where you are how you are.

So, once she was on board with something different so we could be better, my Hallelujah kicked in! hehe.  And… on a fact-finding mission I went for accounting software that would allow us to work remotely together….. and dare I say, grow?  Eventually, this is when we made Xero (beautiful accounting software) our #1 accounting tool of choice.  We transitioned all of our existing clients to Xero in December 2013 and never looked back.  Since then several of our wins have been…….

  • Xero Gold Partner status (100 clients) in less than 24 months; 150+ clients now and growing.

  • Hubdoc’s Top 50 Cloud Accountants in North America 2016 and for three years running to date.

  • Became Certified Profit First Professionals to join the cause of ending entrepreneurial poverty.

  • Launched a referral-based, virtual practice earning more than $500k in gross revenue per year.

  • Experienced triple-digit growth increases since 2013 with a 60% increase in overall profitability.

From “traditional” to cloud accounting… the birth of our online business.

You can count me among the most surprised when the lucrative online business Marilyn and I ended up pursuing was in the accounting and tax space.  The truth is…. it’s so much MORE than accounting.  The strength of our online foundation is grounded in service and teaching, not just “doing” the books and such.  In fact my role has largely anything to do with those day-to-day things anymore.

My main focus at The Bottom Line has always been largely on how to develop our brand, marketing, and processes into something bigger than we were.

The road hasn’t been easy and we continue to evolve daily, but it’s a dream in the making for sure!

The greatest threat we and online business owners are facing today?  Caring talent equipped to DO brilliant work daily.

The #1 issue for talent wanting to launch their own virtual bookkeeping business?  Support they can depend on and mentoring to shorten the learning curve.

This is how aBrilliantBookkeeper.com was born!  Actually, a phone call from a virtual bookkeeper desperate for help with no place to go planted the seed and here we are.

We spend our days growing a team-based business designed exclusively for online business using tools like Xero and Profit First.  We are ready to make sure there are more talented, virtual, and yes – BRILLIANT – bookkeepers for new and existing business owners to hire.

Our team will be the team behind this community and that thrills us!

With BIG hugs and gratitude,

Jess 🙂

10 Fun Facts about Marilyn and Jessica (and family)

1. Marilyn is a twin!  His name is Melvin.  TWINS!

2. One of Jessica’s nicknames is “Messie Jessie”.  Only with a good jelly!  LOL.

3. Marilyn’s dream buy is a vintage Volkswagen Camper Bus.  Yes, she’s a hippy!

4. Jessica has three children, two of which are adopted.  Her third child is her stepson.

5. Marilyn has two children, a boy  and a girl.  Neither plan to do accounting.  🙂